Bed bugs have re-emerged as a pressing concern, taking the forefront as the largest growing pest problem nationwide. Their stealthy nature and ability to thrive in a plethora of environments have spurred a dramatic rise in infestations. These unwelcome invaders do not discriminate when it comes to their habitats, infesting a wide range of interiors including but not limited to homes, apartments, both high and low-end hotels, day care centers, and assisted living facilities. Their presence even extends to various public transportation vehicles, underscoring the need for vigilant and comprehensive countermeasures to keep these pests at bay.

Faced with this burgeoning issue, Val Exterminating stands as a bastion of reliability, offering a multifaceted approach to bed bug control. Our experts are equipped with a variety of treatment options tailored to suit different environments and severity levels of infestation. Among these options are conventional treatments that focus on the direct application of trusted and approved chemicals to affected areas. For a more eco-friendly approach, our steam treatments use high temperatures to effectively eliminate bed bugs at all stages of life, offering a non-chemical solution to the problem. In severe cases, structural fumigation comes into play as a comprehensive solution that targets every nook and cranny, ensuring a bed bug-free space.

Beyond these treatments, Val Exterminating also offers preventive measures to help you guard against future infestations. Our mattress and box spring encasements prove to be potent tools in this fight, designed to trap existing bugs and prevent new ones from establishing themselves. These encasements not only aid in managing the problem but also extend the lifespan of your mattresses and box springs, bringing a dual benefit. Align with Val Exterminating, and you equip yourself with a strong ally in the fight against bed bug infestations, bringing back the comfort and peace of mind you deserve in your personal and communal spaces.

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